Karate @ Rising Sun Martial Arts




    2017 - Rising Sun Competition Team 

The team is open to Any Rising Sun Karate Student

Yellow Belt or Higher



To be a member of the RSCT, there are a few commitments that must be made:

  1. You MUST commit to attend the practices. (Practices will be held twice per month and will last 1.5 hours per practice)

  2. You MUST commit to attend the listed tournaments and events that will be sponsored by the RSCT.

  3. There will also be a need for parental help as well. A parent of the RSCT member will need to attend the practices for a short meeting at the start of each practice. This time will be useful for training the parent in the fundamentals of competition and also train them to help at tournaments in positions of score-keeping, score-calling and more. The more the parents understand about tournaments, especially the tournaments outside of the SOMA rating system, the better they can help their child to prepare for the competition.

  4. There is a financial commitment as well. The cost being a member of the RSCT will include:

  • $25 per month fee for practice times and instruction. (Prices will vary depending on Tuition levels)

  • Purchase of the New RSCT Uniform

  • Tournament and event expenses

We will host several fund-raisers to help with the expenses, so All RSCT members will have to commit to taking part of the fund-raising efforts.


2017 Practice Schedule:

Check the "Session Schedule" for current practice times.

Click here to register for the Rising Sun Competition Team.