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Tired of selling candy bars, pizza kits, hoagies and more?


Fund-Raising at Rising Sun

Let Us Help You!


If your group or organization is looking for different ideas for fund-raising,

look to Rising Sun for help.


Rising Sun offers seminars for groups of all ages and with many different topics.

From Self Defense seminars, to fitness classes, to Demonstrations, to parties:

We can help!

It's simple.

  1. Plan an event.

  2. Contact Rising Sun to speak, demonstrate or teach at the event.

  3. Get your members to sign up friends and guests to participate.

  4. Charge them whatever you want.

  5. Pay Rising Sun a flat fee for our participation.

  6. You keep the rest of the profit.


For a no-obligation quote on a seminar, click here to submit your registration to Rising Sun.