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Hinode-Ryu Karate

Rising Sun Martial Arts offers a karate style called Hinode-Ryu Karate. Hinode (He-know-day) is translated as “Rising Sun”. Ryu (Roo) is translated as “way” or “style”. So the translation for Hinode-Ryu would be “Way of the Rising Sun”. This style was developed by Master Hosler to be a more realistic and practical style for today’s society. Hinode-Ryu Karate allows the student to learn about the blocking and striking as in most hard style karate systems like Shotokan, while at the same time, learn more about the art of redirecting an opponent’s effort and energy as in Aikido and the ground work learned in Judo. All of these styles are present in the art of Hinode-Ryu Karate. Hinode-Ryu Karate is not a "Made-Up" style, but rather a blend of several styles for better student skills. There are many different styles of the Martial Arts and the question most asked, is “Which style is the Best”? The answer is simply; there is no better style, just a better Martial Artist. Everyone is different and every style is different. It depends on the person training as to which style they prefer and can adapt to better. No matter which style you take, train in it with full effort and dedication, and you will become the Martial Artist you are capable of being.


Training Guidelines:

At all times, show respect to each other and the instructors. It is also great practice to continue this procedure outside of the dojo. Start with your parents! They are the most important people in your lives, so show them the most respect. All Black Belts in Hinode-Ryu Karate are addressed as Sensei. Sensei is term meaning teacher. A more comprehensive definition of Sensei is; “One who has gone before”. To reach the rank of Black Belt in Hinode-Ryu Karate is something very noteworthy. Once having earned that rank, respect should be shown to them by addressing them properly. The solid Black Belt ranks are addressed as Sensei, followed by their first name. Any first degree Black Belt or higher should be addressed as Sensei, followed by their last name.