Dedicated to our founder, Master Clarence West

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Kata, Weapons & Breaking Competition Rules:

  All competitors within a division will compete. Upon completion of the last competitor, all competitors will return to the ring in their competition order to be scored by the judges.

  All Kata and Weapons divisions are Open Competition Divisions. This means that ALL traditional styles and open styles will compete together.

  All kata and weapon division will combine both male and female competitors in the division. Males and females will only be separated in the fighting divisions.

  Competitors must stay within their competition ring. If a form requires a competitor to leave the competition ring, they must announce that to the judges and ask permission to leave the ring during their performance.

  Control of your weapon is the most important part of weapons competition. We reserve the right to inspect any weapon before competition. Loss of control of your weapon during competition will result as follows:

         Loss of control of a weapon or stopping your Kata in a Novice Division; Result: Competitor may restart kata one time with no penalty. Second time = disqualification.

         Loss of control of a weapon or stopping your Kata in an Intermediate / Advanced Divisions; Competitor may restart kata with a .5 penalty given to final score. Judges will not assess penalty to their score. Center judge will assess penalty to score-sheet after scores are given.

         Loss of control of a weapon or stopping your Kata in the Black Belt Division; Automatic disqualification. No penalty points or second chances.

  Breaking competitors must compete in a safe, controlled manner. Any speed breaking techniques must be performed in a manner to not endanger any spectators or other competitors. If a competitor is using anything other than wood for their breaks, they MUST supply a mat for the floor under the break.

  Please remove ALL jewelry before competition. Judges may penalize your score due to jewelry, chewing gum, and any other disrespectful sign displayed during your division's competition.


Kata, Weapons & Breaking Scoring Rules:

  All competitors will start with a base score of 5.000. Depending on the number of competitors within the division, the score will increase due to the judges final result score and the total competitors. Each place finish is worth 0.025 points multiplied by the number of competitors.

  Divisions may be run with 3 or 5 judges. Judges will make notes during the competition and when the division is complete, they will score each competitor with their choice of their division results. Ex: When the first competitor returns to the ring for scores, a judge may give them a 2 if they feel they deserve 2nd place.

    In the event of a tie after all judge's scores are tabulated:

         In all Kyu Rank and Black Belt divisions: If there is a tie, both competitors will receive the place finish and earn the points for both SOMA and for the Master West Hall of Fame. NO tie-breaking form will be run.