Dedicated to our founder, Master Clarence West

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Kumite  Rules:        

  • 2 minute time limit or 5 points will determine the winner.

  • Immediate Sudden Death occurs if score is tied after 2 minutes.


  • 1 Point will be awarded as follows for all legal techniques:

Legal targets and techniques include:

  • If a controlled technique is thrown to the face within 2 inches of the opponent, a point will be awarded.

  • The 2 inch zone of a controlled technique to the face may be extended if the opponent does not guard their head;  provided the offensive player shows control, power and the ability to strike the target if needed.

  • Please note that any competitor wearing a face mask that extends 2 inches or more in front of their face, that mask is subject to light contact provided that the contact is controlled and light.

  • Control technique to the side and top of head (Very light contact)

  • Chest, Stomach and Ribs (Light contact)

  • Groin (Very light contact)


  • In all legal targets where light contact is permitted, contact is not necessary to score a point.  If good control and retraction is executed, a point will be awarded.

  • Sweeps are permitted in all divisions.

  • Kyu rank divisions:

  • Boot to boot, front leg only sweeps allowed in these divisions. This includes standing and/or drop-turning sweeps.

  • Black Belt divisions:

  • Boot to boot, front leg sweeps allowed in these divisions, as well as back or base leg sweeps. This includes standing and/or drop-turning sweeps.

  • In ALL divisions: If a competitor sweeps another, and they fall to the floor, techniques such as Ax kicks or thrusting kicks toward the head are prohibited.


Warnings and Penalties:

  •      An accumulation of 3 warnings will result in a penalty point. A fourth warning is an immediate disqualification.

Warnings include:

  • Running out of Bounds,  

  • Contact of the face

  • Kicking or striking to the legs or joints

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Holding or grabbing your opponent  

v  If a competitor has one foot out of bounds, they cannot score, but they can still be scored upon.

  • Striking illegal targets, which include:

  • Back of the head (Unless the competitor turns his/her head away to avoid fight, then controlled technique is permitted)

  • Back

  • Legs

  • Joints

  • Contact to the face area will result in a penalty point awarded to the competitor that was hit. If a second contact is made, or if the first contact was excessive, an immediate disqualification will occur to the competitor that made the contact.

  • Important note: Competitors using the full face mask on their headgear: extremely light contact to the face mask is permitted. Moving, or rocking, the head or headgear will be considered contact, or excessive contact depending on the severity.

  • Excessive contact includes:

  • Redness, blood or swelling of the area that was hit,     A tremor of the body or head due to lack of control of the technique.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Byes will be given in the 1st round of each division.

  • If a fighter leaves his/her division before it is over, they may forfeit their award if applicable

  • At all times, show respect to your fellow competitors, judges and spectators.


Required Equipment

  • Foam boots and gloves. Must cover fingers and toes. No knuckle punch gloves or shin/instep pads.

  • Mouthpiece

  • Headgear - Competitors may use regular headgear or gear with masks. Headgear optional in Black Belt divisions.

  • Groin cups are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the guys.



  • Coaches may cheer, encourage and even give vocal instructions to a competitor from the spectator area. Coaches will not be permitted ringside

  • There are no time-outs during the match.

  • Coaches are not permitted to talk to their fighter during an injury time-out.