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Hinode-Ryu Karate

How do I get promoted in Hinode-Ryu Karate at Rising Sun?

            Since Rising Sun began in 1991, we have always tried to teach students the importance of effort in each and every class. It is the effort that we give to techniques during training that will determine how we use the technique if, and when, needed. We have a saying in the Dojo that “You begin testing for your Black Belt the first time you step on the mats”. So we have applied this philosophy to our kyu rank (under Black Belt) advancements. Students train during their regular scheduled classes. During each training session, they are evaluated and scored for their effort, focus, discipline and results of the day’s lesson. All scoring is tabulated and recorded each day and at the end of the year; students will be awarded their new rank for their training results according to the rank advancement scale developed. A formal rank advancement ceremony is part of our annual banquet.  Students can earn 1 stripe, 2 stripes or even a new colored belt depending on their score, and amount of training time accrued. It could also mean no advancement if it is not EARNED. This testing format only applies to Brown Belt 3rd and below.  All Black Belt testing and fees will remain the same for degree tests, not level checkpoints.

    Don't put your emphasis on what's around your waist, instead, put your effort into learning, understanding and mastering your technique. Rank advancement should be like self defense. Your self defense in the street will only be as good as your training in class. It will not be to the same level as your effort in a pre-determined time, date and situation like a promotion test.

    In the event that a student stops training before the end of the year, that student can request an "Exit Ranking" where an appropriate certificate will be administered in accordance with the points earned to that date.

So the answer to the question, "When do we test" is...EVERYDAY!

Rank Advancement Checklist

Additional Rank Advancement Material:

Training Rules:

Written Tests - Written tests are required one time per year for each student. The written test shows your knowledge of your rank requirements. Students will be instructed when they need to take the written test.

HOW TO TIE YOUR BELT IN HINODE-RYU KARATE - Every style ties their belt in a different way. You may find a video on You Tube or somewhere else "on the line", but it may not be the same as the way we do it. Please review the link above for system for tying the belt.



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