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Rank advancement in the Martial Arts is very important. It is a reflection of your personal training and effort. It is not something to take lightly. All Karate-ka should have pride in the rank they wear. It was earned!

However, obsessing over your rank advancement is NOT the way to train. Obsessing over your training and effort you put into it is way more important. Rank advancement will happen when you are ready. (According to your Sensei, not according to you).

So to answer your question; How do I get promoted in Hinode-Ryu Karate at Rising Sun?

The answer is:   Damatte Keiko    (Translated means: "To Shut Up and Train")


Now that we got that out of the way, here is your rank advancement schedule. Our sessions are 16-weeks long and each session you have the ability to test for the next rank, whether it is a stripe or belt test. Here are the requirements to become test eligible:

  1. A complete log must be kept of your training time from our video lessons, private lessons and "In-Class" training times. Your log of your training times must be submitted before the week of the scheduled test. Your times can be updated and submitted via the website. Click here to submit your training times.

  2. Attendance and effort points must be earned through your "In-Class" training during the session.

  3. A complete knowledge of your rank advancement requirements must be displayed during training times.

Upcoming rank advancement tests:

   Practice training logs:


Please click on your CURRENT belt rank for a checklist of all required testing material:

Additional Training Material:

How to tie your belt in Hinode-Ryu Karate

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