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Nominations for the 2018 scholarship award are available now.

$500 Scholarship Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award. This year's winner will be announced at the 25th Annual Rising Sun Awards Banquet.


Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award Timeline:

Interviews will be held on  (Date to be announced). Nominees must make themselves available that day for interviews.

 Failure to attend the interviews will disqualify the nominee from consideration of this award.


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2018 Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award Nomination:

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Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Winners:

2012 - Brandon Keller

2013 - Rachel Gress

2014 - Ty Hosler

2015 - No Award Presented

2016 - No Award Presented


Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011 we lost a fellow student, a fellow Black Belt and most of all, A Friend. Sensei Matt Russo joined Rising Sun around 2001, where he trained with us full time until he went away to St. Vincentís college in 2009.  Matt occasionally came back to visit during his time in college to train or help judge at the MADMeet competitions.  Although we lost a friend that day, we rest in the knowledge that he is in a better place with the Lord.

        Years ago, we offered a scholarship program at Rising Sun. The $500 Scholarship Award was presented each year at our annual banquet. With great respect towards Sensei Matt, we are going to once again start that program and it will be now known as the Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award. This award will be a minimum of a $500 savings bond that will be awarded to one student that exemplifies Matt Russo. Criteria such as training, school, community service, family life and church life will help determine the winner of this award. The first Matthew Russo Memorial Scholarship Award was presented at the 21st Annual Awards Banquet in January 2013. Applications for nominees will be available in August each year. Applications for committee members to help choose a winner will be available in January. We will fund this award through our Summer MADMeet competitions. It is our hope that this award will help us all to remember the life of our friend and not his death.  As we are all sad over his passing, letís remember the fun times, the hard training and most of all the friendship we developed with Sensei Matt.

* Family members of the scholarship committee are ineligible to win this award. Committee members are helping to establish a process to select a winner but will not have the final vote on the winner. After the selection process is complete, Sensei Hosler will use the committee's results to make a final selection.