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Promotion Requirements

When am I eligible to test for my next rank?

  •       Time-in-grade All students are required a MINIMUM of 4 months at their current rank before they can test for their next rank. Check your next available testing date under Rank Testing.   

  •       Training Points AFTER a student has fulfilled their minimum time-in-grade at their current rank, they must then earn a MINIMUM of 30 training points. Training points are earned each night in class where a student can receive .5 points for good effort in the promotion part of class, .5 points for a good effort in our fitness circuit and .5 points in our third section of class, (usually sport).  Reminder that a total of 1.5 points per night are NOT guaranteed. Effort determines the points earned as well as coming to class late or leaving early can also cause a reduction in the points earned. Check your point total under Rank Testing. 

  • Once you have fulfilled your time-in-grade and your point requirement, check your status, scroll down to your name to see the test information.  Make sure to read ALL of the "Promotion Testing and Etiquette" section under Rank Testing to become familiar with our testing procedures.


1 hour class (Summer Day Classes)    Total possible points     1.0 points

        Fitness/Discipline section                 30-minute section worth .5 points

        Sport section                                   30-minute section worth .5 points


Arriving late for class (after the fitness circuit test), or leaving early could also result in not receiving full points.


Promotion Test Fees

        White Belt to Yellow Belt                          $0.00

        All Yellow Belt and Orange Belt Tests       $25.00

        All Blue Belt and Purple Belt Tests            $30.00

        All Green Belt and Brown Belt Tests         $35.00

        Black Belt Tests                                       $50.00

        Dan Rank Tests                                       $75.00 and up

All solid belt and 1st degree belts are invited to a group promotion testing.

All 2nd degree belts are scheduled for scored tests. On scored tests, students can either pass or re-test. Only on our Black Belt tests can a student fail the test and not be rescheduled immediately for another test date. These students must also take a written test on their rank requirements.

Work hard in class, practice at home and stay focused and you'll be fine. Rank advancement under Black Belt is not impossible, and sometimes may seem very easy. However, your ultimate goal is earning the Black Belt rank, and that's the test that will see if you've been training!

White Belt  Yellow Belt  Orange Belt  Blue Belt  Purple Belt  Green Belt  Brown Belt  Brown 3rd

Solid Black Belt  Shodan Black Belt  Nidan Black Belt