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SOMA Ratings

Society of Martial Artist's

"Fairness, Respect, Honor"


SOMA Ratings

To rate your event by SOMA, please contact SOMA by the start of the SOMA season, (January 1st), to register your tournament for the upcoming season.

Registering your tournament with SOMA with easy and FREE!!

What are the benefits of rating your event by SOMA?

  • Rating your tournament with SOMA is FREE, with the following requirements.

1.     All regular SOMA Members receive a $5.00 discount on their pre-registration fees.

2.     All SOMA Competition Team members shall receive a 20% discount on their pre-registration fee and that pre-registration fee should not exceed $50.00 per competitor.

              Tournament discounts are as follows:

  • Discount fees are only applicable to pre-registration only. Any SOMA member registering at the door will have to pay regular fees.
  • Spectators will pay normal rates.


Pre-Registration Fee

20% Discount

Amount SOMA Competition Team will pay














  • SOMA will send representation to your event to help with judging, scorekeeping and more if needed.

*Please note that SOMA does not guarantee any specific number of competitors or judges.


SOMA Rating options:

"A" Rating

  • To offer an "A" Rated event, you MUST follow the DIVISION AND FEE structure set by SOMA.


"B" Rating

  • To offer a "B" Rated event, you can decide your divisions and fees


"C" Rating

  • "C" Ratings are available to non-competition events such as seminars and camps. Points are not awarded for these rated events.
To rate your event with SOMA, please complete the following and submit it to SOMA. Thank you.

Tournament Ratings:


Tournament Name: 

Tournament Date:    

Tournament Location:  

E-Mail Address:  

Requested Rating: 

Non-Competition Event Ratings:


Event Name: 

Event Date:             

Event Location:  

Event Subject: 

E-Mail Address:  

Requested Rating: 

Please make sure E-Mail address is filled out properly to ensure confirmation of request. Thank you.